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Dog Massage Treatment

Mobile Dog Massage treatment consists of a specialised technique targeted at muscle use by interpreting the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of muscle action. Mobile Dog Massage treatment involves palpation, massage, manipulation, passive movement, exercise and training/re-training of muscles through a course of three or four sessions, each approximately a week apart. Following this course a report will be provided to the Vet to determine if any follow up or continual treatment is required. The first session will look at your dog’s medical history, diet, exercise, gait and conformation before an initial treatment; this will then be followed up in the remaining course sessions.

The first session is longer than other sessions (up to 90 minutes) and allows time for coverage of paperwork and extra assessment. The first session will examine and manipulate affected joints and muscles looking at reflexes (e.g. panniculus reflex and nervous system response) and biomechanics. Each following session is around 45 to 60 minutes. The handler/owner will be involved in all sessions to provide feedback and receive advice. Sessions are performed in the home environment were the dog is more accustomed and generally happier to receive treatment. Every dog responds differently to treatment and based on the first session each session is adapted to your dog’s specific needs. However, sessions can be arranged at a Vet or my business address should the need arise; please note a Vet may charge an additional fee for use of their facilities.

Follow on treatments post the initial three/four sessions are performed under the guidance of your Vet based on continued benefit to the dog. Once follow on treatment is agreed further Vet briefs will be provided to time with your bi-annual or annual check-ups, as required by your Vet. Follow on treatments can be weekly, monthly or as required.

In order to maintain a simple consistent price structure all sessions are £40, including the longer initial first session. Payments by cash or cheque only please, prior to each session. Many Pet Insurance policies will cover supplementary or complementary therapy if recommended by your Vet.

dogLady - Before Treatment
dogLady - After Treatment